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Can the event industry survive covid-19?

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

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This year could be considered one of the worst in terms of job loss, financial instability and mental wellbeing. Everyone has suffered in their own way, however when came to the event industry, that relies heavily on gatherings and social interactions; it felt like someone hit the pause button with no idea when things would be returned back to normal.

As a young event planner, starting out in the industry this pandemic has put a dent into future endeavors. With being said, it hasn't stopped me from bettering myself, adapting to the situations around me and learning to become a better event planner in the future. You might ask yourself "How does this apply to me and my situation" "What can I gain from this". Whoever is reading this, let me give you some tips on how I did to get through this tough time.

Join your niche community

These niche communities can be your local Facebook group, LinkedIn, Instagram and so much more.

Online certification

These online certifications can range from Udemy, local free classes offered by schools, Cvent and Skills-hare.

Stay updated in your industry

It's important to know what's going in your industry and the new changes or policies that will be applied to your business or company. Additionally it keeps you ahead of the competition, in terms of adapting if need- be.

In conclusion, this pandemic has taught me how to be ahead of the game and not fear when taking new risk and most importantly being true myself. I hope you enjoyed this article and tune in for more.

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