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Proposal Planner Montreal

Proposal planners are one of many all over the Greater Montreal, Pierrefonds, and Westmount area. They're good, but sometimes they're slow, tacky, and not customer orientated. However, at Vintage Luxe Events Montreal My goal is to  plan an awesome and unforgettable proposal experience for the ages.  ​​​​​


As an event planner, I understand how important it is to create memories for your significant other. Don't forget friends and family. Here at Vintage Luxe Events Montreal, I want to turn your regular everyday engagement proposal into something that will last forever. A perfect proposal, whether it may be small or large, I can do it all.

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Montreal Proposal Planner
Montreal Proposal Planner
Surprise Proposal Montreal

My Goals for you in 2023 and beyond!

Peace of mind:  Peace of mind can mean a lot for different people, whether it may be relaxing at home over a nice wine or watching your favourite movie. I want to make sure your experience at Vintage Luxe events makes you feel at peace when it comes to your next proposal


Professional guidance: I give all my clients a step to step blueprint process on how their proposal is going to go from the start of the free consultation toward the end of the engagement. Sit back and relax



Affordable planning: planning and coordinating doesn’t have to break the bank, my goal is to make sure I can create an affordable, amazing and unique event suited for your needs. Always make sure to stick to the agreed budget.

Best Proposal Ideas

From a proposal spot on the top of Mont-Royal Montreal with beautiful roses lying around shaped into a heart.



If you are more traditional, we can do a unique backyard proposal with family and friends coming together to celebrate this momentous occasion. Always looking to turn any moment into something memorable. 




If you enjoy taking a new twist in your proposal ideas, why not try a rooftop proposal. There are plenty of beautiful venues all overlooking Montreal. This will leave your significant other speechless. Either during the day or at night under the dazzling lights.


If you're thinking about the details. Don't worry I've got you covered.


Why not try having the proposal in the location where you had your first date?  Many of my clients adored this idea because it was simple, memorable and most importantly romantic.


You might have custom proposal ideas you want to bring about it yourself. I welcome any idea my clients may have and support it 100%

I've got you covered with 2 amazing informative blogs! Check them out! Top 8 Quick Marriage Proposal Ideas of 2021

4 Best proposal locations in Montreal

I also have covered for the best catering companies in Montreal

What to know the best part?

 I will  handle everything for you!

  • Music: Calm or exciting I’ve got you covered, if you want a DJ or beautiful guitar playing in the background, I can help you set that up.



  • Photographer: I will get you the best photographers all over Montreal to make sure every moment is captured to perfection. From the surprise to the kneel, I want to capture everything.


  • Any special request: If you have any request for a design, food, idea, or music I can help you change that into a reality.

"I'm from Toronto and just proposed to my girlfriend in Montreal last week. Valerie helped me a lot and made the whole proposal very smooth and hassle-free. She is very professional, very responsive and very nice to work with. We had encountered an unexpected situation of the venue I was planning to propose and Valerie helped to create a second plan in just one day. And finally, I got myself a fiancé thanks to her. Highly recommended👍"

Chris Tsoi

  • How can you help me?
    In terms of helping my clients, I am always fully motivated and geared for any challenge. Wherter it may a proposal at the old port with a twist ,park jean trapeau or saint anne de bellevue. Every client is unique and deserves an event that caters to those needs.
  • Can you stay on budget?
    Always. For every client, we break down the budget in detail and adjust accordingly to their needs and wants. Every decision is transparent and clear. If you do have concerns I am always open to discussion.
  • Will you be the one decorating?
    Yes! I will be the one decorating and guiding the event. It removes the stress from your shoulders and gets you the time to practice on which knee to get down on. Have fun and enjoy the moment!!
  • What hand do you put the ring on when proposing?
    When your proposing, the ring is always placed on the left hand on the fourth finger.
  • What to say while proposing?
    When it comes on what to say to your significant other, I suggest using these ideas Tell them what you love about them exactly . Tell them when you knew they were the right person for you. Look into their eyes and talk about the future you can't wait to have with them.
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