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Event Planner Montreal

Looking for a stress-free way to plan an event? Look no further! My event planning services specialize in bringing your dream event to life. Whether you have a clear idea of what you want or need help coming up with something, I'll take care of every detail and make sure your guests are truly wowed. Set aside the time and money worries - it's all taken care of!

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Event Planning Montreal
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  1. Never need to stress over an event again.


Allow me to guide your event, with professionalism and expertise. Event planning and design has always been my strong suit and I believe with my planning and coordinating, I can turn any event into a beautiful fun memory. Giving you the chance to sit back and relax and enjoy the show! 


    2. Cost-effective.

My goal is to make sure any and every event is cost-effective first and always. Most importantly, making sure you never going  over your budget. Event planning on a budget doesn't mean your event will be horrible, I treat every event equally. Giving you a full service event.

I take pride in making sure you're event becomes the talk of the town!


 If your worried about talking to vendors and venues, don't worry I've got you covered.  Always getting you the best price possible.


     3. Always on time.


Let me handle the planning and coordinating to make sure your event is never late again. I am always on time and ready to help you. Whether your event starts in the morning, midday, or evening I've got you covered; because I believe your time is important and we treat it that way. 

Baby Shower Planner

If you're thinking about planning a baby shower for a  good friend, family member or yourself, then this is going to be an awesome experience for all parties involved. Here at Vintage Luxe Events, we understand how important and  how perfect you want the event to be.


Our goal is capture that experience through laughs, games, food and through an amazing good time!


This is why we believe having a plan and a timeline for when to do each task will help make your shower run smoothly and effortlessly. While in the same time making sure the entire experience is as stees- free for you or the person you might be planning this amazing event for.

Here are a few steps we take to ensure your event turns out amazing!!

Baby Shower Montreal
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​    Step 1. Planing out your event


For many of my clients, I always suggest reaching out  3 months out, to be able to get the most detail and information possible, so the planning goes effortlessly. Let me handle the hassle, I want you to sit back and relax.


    Step 2 Venues

When it comes to handling vendors, I will handle the negotiations and give you a detailed overview of prices, offers, deals and much more. I want to eliminate the need for you of wasting time calling tons and tons of vendors.

    Step  3.  Coordination

I will give you an extremely detailed timeline to make sure you are aware of what's going within the event, what's going to happen next and how it's going to transpire. I believe in transparency with all my clients.  It's your event so you should know what's going to happen. No guessing games here!

    Step 4 . Contact

If you have any concerns or suggestions, I am always a call or text away! Email me anytime if you have questions or concerns regarding the event. I want you to have a successful day and have your guest enjoy the shared moment you bring them!

If you are interested in planning an upcoming birthday party for kids, check out my page!

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Gender Reveal Party

Out of all seven wonders in the world being pregnant could be classified on the top 5. Guessing on whether you might be expecting a beautiful boy or girl is an amazing moment that should be shared with family and friends. The best way to do it is through a gender reveal party!


Don't worry about the details, I've got you covered.

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Gender Reveal Party Themes

First things first, is finding amazing themes to create an amazing atmosphere within the room. Themes come in all shape and sizes. Whether it may be

  • Bows or bowties

  • Sailors or Mermaids

  • Home Runs or Super Bowl Party​

  • Señor or señorita

  • “What will it bee?”

  • Custom Themes

As well as Invitation themes as well. Who want their invitation cards create a little sparkle when their handed out to your special guest.

  • Winter theme invitation themes

  • Mellow invitation theme

  • Red burst invitation themes

  • Custom Themes

My client's needs come first and I prioritize  the themes your looking for to make sure this gender reveal party comes out more awesome then what you thought it could be.

Gender Reveal Party Games

If you're not 100 percent sure what games you want to play your next gender reveal party, then do I have some great Ideas for you. This should keep your guest moving and laughing for hours on end

  • Guess Who:  If you still have your ultrasound images stored in a drawer within the house bring them out! Let your guest have 10-second look at the image and then ask them to guess the gender.  The winner gets a custom mug of the gender guessed right!

  • Match Match Match Away: Within your invitation letter, ask your guest to come dressed in the gender they think the baby might be, while still sticking to the party theme. The best one dressed gets a prize. 

  • Guess The Date:  Guests have to try and guess the due date. It would be one day ahead or 3 days ahead. It's an awesome game to see how has the magical power of predictions! 

  • How can you help me?
    In terms of helping my clients, I am always fully motivated and geared for any challenge. Wherter it may a proposal at the old port with a twist ,park jean trapeau or saint anne de bellevue. Every client is unique and deserves an event that caters to those needs.
  • Can you stay on budget?
    Always. For every client, we break down the budget in detail and adjust accordingly to their needs and wants. Every decision is transparent and clear. If you do have concerns I am always open to discussion.
  • Will you be the one decorating?
    Yes! I will be the one decorating and guiding the event. It removes the stress from your shoulders and gets you the time to practice on which knee to get down on. Have fun and enjoy the moment!!
  • What hand do you put the ring on when proposing?
    When your proposing, the ring is always placed on the left hand on the fourth finger.
  • What to say while proposing?
    When it comes on what to say to your significant other, I suggest using these ideas Tell them what you love about them exactly . Tell them when you knew they were the right person for you. Look into their eyes and talk about the future you can't wait to have with them.
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