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Planning a wedding could be considered one of the most memorable events in anybody's life. From picking out the music to the venue, toward the dress, card invitations, to the little decorations on the cake. So much goes into making sure your day is extraordinary. A lot of times over planning can remove the fun out of it or you realize you might be way over your head in terms of the work needed.  Don't Panic, I got you covered.

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It could be that you might be a super-organized individual, always on top of their "A" game but you still want a reliable point-person to execute your vision.


Or, you could be someone that just needs professional guidance for their wedding day.


No matter who you may be or the amount of help you need Vintage Luxe Events Montreal has you covered. I want to make sure, your day becomes your day! I want you to push your worries aside for this one moment and have a breath of relief.


I don't simply show up on the wedding day; instead, I  work with you well in advance of the wedding to understand all the details & logistics. Get to know what you want.


Let's conquer the day together!


If you're interested in planning a full wedding, don't worry I've got you covered as well. ​

day of wedding coordinator duties list

  • Wedding day Coordination begins 1-3 months out, too able to get all the details, and planning started.

  • Contact me whenever you need to — call, text, or email anytime to get venue information and vendor suggestions. I want you to succeed and have an awesome wedding day.

  • I will give you a detailed day-of timeline to make sure everything goes on schedule, depending on the vendor you might pick in the near future.

  • I will give you a layout of all the items that were rented and bought, that are being used for the event.  Such as chairs, tables, plates,  and all other rentals used.

  • I will take care of the vendors and verification. I will email/ call the vendors in terms of the planning, teardown, load-in, directions, confirmation, timelines, and guides. I will be the vendors' guide on the day of the wedding.

  • I will help guide the bridal party and the family for photographs with the photographer. Included in the day of wedding coordination, unless you've picked one out already. The pictures can be taken either pre-or post-ceremony. Sit back and relax. You're in good hands

 What are you waiting for? Let turn me your wedding day into an amazing moment. 

We hired Valerie as our Day Of Coordinator for our wedding last weekend, and I'm so happy we did. I don't know how we would have been able to pull off the wedding without her. Valerie is professional, proactive, and detail-oriented.

She was a huge help in some of the last-minute situations that came up, including a change in DJ the day before the wedding due to an accident. As brides, we always think we can do everything ourselves but something ALWAYS comes up. I can't stress enough the importance of having a Day Of Coordinator to take care of your big day. I was able to get prepared and dolled up, without stressing about what was going on downstairs (ok maybe I was stressed a little bit!). She also provides after-event support which I feel goes above and beyond what is expected of her.

I highly recommend the services of Valerie and Vintage Luxe Events. She also provides wedding planning services.

                                                               —  Lin,

Beautiful Bride
Beautiful Bride to Be
Day of Wedding Coordination
Day of wedding coordinator venue
Day of wedding coordinator venue
Day of wedding coordinator venue
Day of wedding coordinator venue
Day of wedding coordinator venue
Day of wedding coordinator venue
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Day of coordinator sweet table
Day of coordinator sweet table
Day of coordinator sweet table
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Kamyan Table.
Kamyan Table

Here are some of my most frequently answered Day of Wedding Coordinator questions and answers.

cost for day of wedding coordinator?

The cost of day of wedding coordinator varies depending on the type of services you might be choosing during the day. Many coordinators will usually charge a flat rate for service and then can add on any extras to meet your specific needs.