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Top 8 Quick Marriage Proposal Ideas of 2021

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Marriage Proposal
Happy couple.

Just imagine you walking in a beautiful forest with your significant other. The leaves are falling peacefully; the wind is calm and birds are singing. You tell yourself this a surreal moment, while you look into your lover’s eyes. You bend on one knee, pull out the ring and look into their beautiful eyes.

They smile and say yes, you both hug and hold each other, but in the back of your mind, you remember reading an amazing blog that gave you this idea.

This is where I come in and say you're welcome.

But in all honesty, planning a proposal or even coming up with one takes time, effort and creativity. Not everybody has the time to analyses hundreds of proposal ideas and pick a unique one from the bunch.

So I am here to give you the best ideas for your next marriage proposal and unique proposal ideas for 2021 and beyond.

Back in time

I know it may bring back some back-to-the-future vibes, which would be pretty cool if you could actually use it, but that’s for a different blog. When I mean back in time, why not bring them to the first place you guys kissed, had a date or a clumsy event that left you both smiling and laughing. I can guarantee this will leave them feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

Scavenger hunt

Do you remember having a scavenger hunt when you were a little kid? If you said yes then fantastic and if not, well you missed out. Leave a brief message around in little plastic egg balls all over an area you both are familiar with. We don’t want a lost fiance😂

As they open the little eggs and the closer they get, the more rewards they receive until the ultimate reward is you kneeling with a beautiful ring in front of them.

Diamond in a box of candy

Surprise them with a box of their favourite candy. As soon as they open the box you get on your best knee (aka the good knee) and boom, you got yourself a fiance. This is a great romantic proposal idea.

Outdoor Picnic

I know this may seem simple, but trust me. Sometimes simple can create some of the most memorable memories. Pick a day, that has the most sunshine, but not too much sun. You don’t want to be sweaty when you propose.

Make their favourite meals and each meal represents your love for them or a special message within it. The last meal is a beautiful ring on their finger. Very cute proposal idea

If you can sing, make a song

I can hear you right now thinking how cheesy a song would be for a marriage proposal idea, but hey, musicians have made millions singing love songs. So why can’t you, right?

If you don’t know how to make one, don’t worry it doesn’t have to be an elaborate song. It could simple or you can hire someone to sing for you. Lip sink style

Movie time

If you and your significant other love movies, why not create a small movie as a proposed move. Quite a few people have done it before, just like this gentleman. He made a Disney-style movie, with beautiful effects and a decent story might I add.

Totally worth checking out and trying!

Holiday surprise

The holidays are usually a time for coming together and cherish each other’s moments. That being said, I would say this a great time to propose.

You can either put the ring in a big box that unwraps to a smaller box and an even smaller box until they open the box. I would say don’t put the ring in it, let her look, then surprise her with the ring and poof an amazing moment.

Game Time

Everyone loves playing games, I enjoy playing games and if your significant other should enjoy them too.

Why not, play Jenga or until you reach the top and she purposely finds the ring, on the top. If you don’t like Jenga, you can play Uno for her to win the ring.

In the end, planning a proposal takes time and effort. Many people dread creating one but I would say most importantly, having fun doing it will allow you to breathe and take it easy. Only focusing on the important things.

Go out there and get them!

If you're still unsure? then let me your event planning guide. Contact me today.

If you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends and family. Have an awesome day :)

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