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Micro Wedding: The Upcoming 2022 Trend?

Weddings are by far the most magical experience any couple could have. It's always filled with joy, love and excitement; plus you're always surrounded by the people who love and cherish you the most.

Would you agree?

If you answered yes then awesome! If you answered no then it's okay. You can say it in your head or out loud, don't worry. I felt it in spirit.

Traditionally, weddings were always founded on the idea of capturing love in a large essence in front of witnesses who can see you consummate your marriage. Whether it may be with 100 or 200 guests you know or partially know but only invited because you didn't want to leave anyone out of the guest list.

The guest list struggle is real, but that’s for another blog.

This year 2021 alone, we've seen a huge spike in Micro weddings all over Montreal and the west island. Near the beautiful old port, the one-of-a-kind Biconical gardens, the gorgeous Montreal Science Center and a lot more.

Is this trend here to stay and should you reconsider your future wedding goals?

Stay tuned!!

What is a Micro Wedding?

Micro Wedding can be "defined by the small number of friends and family members present. The number of guests is usually understood to be no more than 10 or 15 people including family members, although some sources will use this label for a small wedding with up to 50 guests"(Wikipedia)

While other sources say it can vary between 50 -70 people at the wedding. Family and guests included.

But all in all micro weddings are designed for couples who want to celebrate their love without having the whole town invading their moment.

Don't believe me?

Think about it like this: Have you ever been to a family wedding or large gathering, in which you didn't know half the guest and even your parents didn't know who they were but somehow snuck into the wedding, reception or get together?

I have.. and trust me when I say :

  1. It's awkward because you can't relate to them

  2. They know nothing about you

  3. Their only there for the food or the goods.

If you enjoy spending money on people you don't know, more power to you, but for others trying to save on cost, it's worth at least taking a look at.

Why are Micro Weddings so popular?

1 . Covid- 19

Covid-19 was one of the biggest influences toward the push for this brand new trend. The world was turned upside down for nearly 2 years.

The government was setting heavy restrictions for venues, by either forcing them to either

  • Cut down the number of people they can fit in one location.

  • Cut down the staff because of covid transmission

  • or close shop until the storm passes

Not only venues as well.

Catering companies were permanently closing their doors or forcing couples to make big orders to help cover their losses.

With those options in front of future married couples, many of them decided to either hold back the wedding.

But others decided to take a different path. Which were Micro Weddings!

People started taking matters into their own hands.

This article from CBC presents it perfectly.

2. Cost

Cost, cost and more cost. Weddings are a day of celebration and joy, but if the bill is a little too high,

The ballon might deflate real soon.

For those who were interested in pursuing a traditional wedding style, cost became a bigger and bigger issue.

  • Food cost rose

  • Venues cost rose

  • Photographers cost rose

  • Decorations cost rose

All these businesses were trying to survive as well, so many couples have decided to cut down on that cost by either making the food themselves or picking a small venue that could house maybe 50 people max.

Or Having the reception 2 minutes away from the wedding. You save money and you could have your cake sooner!

Can it be still be carried over to 2022?

As a Montreal event planner, I've noticed the huge surge of people pushing towards smaller weddings and even with the vaccines being ushered out already.

Accounting that restrictions have eased significantly here in Montreal, I still believe people are going to favour smaller weddings over larger weddings. I've witnessed it with my own clients.

Other than the cost and covid- 19, flexibility was a huge factor in their decisions.

Having the ability to maintain a small entourage of guest and loved ones in a smaller setting without much headache or confusion during the whole day is worth the transition.

If your someone whose thinking about cutting down the size of your wedding, to create a greater ambiance, save on cost but still have a jaw-dropping wedding? Then I think Micro weddings are perfect for you.

If you want to get started on your next micro wedding click the link to learn more!

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