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Event Planning after Covid-19: The new normal?

Cancelled here, cancelled there, cancelled everywhere! 2021 has been a crazy year for all of us. For doctors, front-line workers, parents, friends and especially the service and entertainment sector.

As I type this right now the Quebec government has eased restrictions on many vital services for the public. That's great and all but when it comes to event planners, it feels as if they've locked us in a box and thrown away the key.

Being an event planner myself, I can tell you first hand I've had a few sleepless nights wondering what would become of my business? are my clients safe and protected? Does everyone need the vaccine passport?

If people forget the passport will I have to kick out a guest? Is it even possible to plan this event? What am I going to tell my clients? Will the cops come and shut down this event?

I can 100 percent guarantee you by saying that, I am not the only event planner or venue in Montreal, whose thought about these questions. Looking for answers left and right. Clients as well are searching for answerers and explanations for their coming and future events.

Well... Worry no longer, I've got you covered in this sweet blog. If you feel like I missed a few points on this blog don't be shy to let me know. So sit back, relax and enjoy the read.

First things, what's been going on?

Good news so far .. Quebec has started to ease on their restrictions on public outings, as the population increases its vaccination rate.

Nearly 70% percent of the population has either taken their second dose or at least one minimum.

Beating Isreal 10- 1,

At least we're good at something right? Other than being friendly and eating poutine

Premier Francois Legault made a tweet on August 1 stating, the allowance of outdoor venues to a maximum of 500 people per location. While indoors venues are minimized to only around 250.

You might be thinking, "okay.. that’s good, what now ?"

If you are not excited as I am then you are not a planner, extrovert or never loved concerts anyway.

if you are excited then let's go !!!

This means that things are slowly and surely getting back to the point of where we were before the pandemic started.

I remember last year around the same time, nearly everyone I knew was either cooked up in their houses enjoying time alone to themselves or in full-blown panic mode about the uncertainty for the future.

I could imagine introverts were having a blast, while we extroverts were zoom calling everyone we knew just to say hello.

Both sides gained and suffered Soo we'll call it a truce

What does that mean for venues?

The first good thing, that’s come out of that tweet is the ability for venues to bring in potential clients and host parties to nearly mid or full capacity.

It comes at a much-needed time since summer is usually the busiest session of the year. Couples are getting married, people are getting engaged, parents are throwing birthday parties. I can guarantee you, they need the space.

Unless you plan on doing a backyard event, then never mind. But hey

Plus that, it's adding much-needed financial assistance for venues all over Montreal. If you haven't noticed, most of them have either been temporarily shut down or permanently closed

Not to mention catering companies are just as excited because they can finally have use for the boatload of food they have in storage.

The Bad News...

The first bad news would be the vaccination passport. That little sucker has the power to shut down entire events within a single blink of an eye.

Don’t believe me?

Let me paint a scenario for you guys "small wedding, downtown Montreal, around 50-100 people. As an event planner or venue, you do your due diligence hoping everyone has a vaccine passport.

The cops show up, just to make sure everything is going smoothly and suddenly ask to see everyone's passport.

Multiple people are suddenly don't have a passport or aren't vaccinated. Guess who gets the blame…. You... Yes, you… the amazing event planner or venue that tried to be diligent and safe.

Fines can range from 500- 1500 for each person. This would ruin your reputation within the industry as well as put you on the radar of the police.

Not a good look.


Realistically solutions are far from many, but what I can tell you is that things are going to get better.

No matter how left field this virus might take us, people will find ways to create experiences for themselves, loved ones, significant others or friends.

We just have to be there to guide them in the right path.

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