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Virtual Event Guide For Baby Showers 2021

Updated: Jan 30, 2021


The value of face-to-face interactions will never disappear, it’s what keeps our life interesting and balanced. Whether it may be through business conferences, team meetings or your occasional friendly chat with a neighbour. Every conversation matters, even though most of us aren’t the best conversationalist, anything helps in times like this. COVID-19 has put a barrier on our daily routines and business for the foreseeable future. I am still a believer for people interacting with each other safely but, through…….

Virtual events! yes, I said it. As an event planner myself, I’ve been noticing how many people have been wanting to create or use virtual events. Whether it may be hosting an upcoming baby shower online or preparing to do a marriage proposal online. Learning how to use it to your advantage can open new doors in creating memories during times like this.

Today I am going to teach you how to create a virtual event for a baby shower.

- What is a virtual baby shower?

- Which venue should you use?

- What theme you should use?

- Invitations

- Games Ideas

What is a virtual baby shower?

As you can imagine, a virtual baby shower follows the same principle as any regular event being hosted virtually. People have come at an appointed time and celebrate the babe’s life through games, conversation and gifts.

Which venue should you use?

When I say the venue, I don’t mean a physical location to host the event. Rather which web application are you going to use to host your guest. This can range from google hangouts, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Skype or face-time.

Facebook Messenger rooms: Facebook messenger is a great service to host small to large groups, meaning if you have 5-30 people you should be perfectly fine. Also, theirs 2 amazing benefits to using Facebook Messenger.

1) No time limit: If you want to host the party from 5 pm to 11 pm, the app will allow you to do so, with no much lag or issue

2) Anybody can join in: You need a Facebook account to join in on the fun. You don’t need to worry too much if everyone doesn’t have a Facebook account.

It’s a win-win situation.

Facetime: Facetime is a free video connection application, permitting you to communicate with others using their iPhones, Apple laptops, and Apple computers. It can hold around 32 connected devices. The video is from facetime has always been amazingly clear, bright and crisp. Plus, there is no time limit when using the application. You can go all night until the batteries die out.

The downside, for facetime, is that everyone is required to have an apple id and an Apple device. Anyone missing these two factors can’t join in or receive the notification of the event.

Google Hangouts: Google hangouts works great if you have a google account, which is free and simple to make. For video, it can hold up to around 10 people, but with only audio, it can hold up to 250 people.

It also uses a fun chat system, so you can send images, emojis, gifs. The same with Facebook Messenger rooms.

Skype: Skype is a universal video conferencing or video chat tool that works on any device such as, Android, Apple, Macbook, Windows, or Tablets. It can hold up to around 20- 50 people.

Zoom: Zoom is great because it allows you to host set times for people to enter the meetings. If your baby shower starts at 11, it will only open at 11. You can even put passwords and have permission enables only for specific people you want to show up. It can hold up to 80-100 people. You can download the application on any device.

The downside to zoom is the time limit it sets on free spaces, which is 40 minutes max. If the event ends in 40 minutes, then you should be fine; however, if it's longer I would suggest using a unique system.

What theme should you use?

Themes are sometimes the hardest part when planning a virtual baby shower, but with this article, it doesn’t have to be.

Step 1) Fun

Remember, planning a baby shower shouldn’t feel like working in the office on a late night. It should be fun and memorable, your celebrating your child's existence with your family and friends. It’s a moment many people can’t have, cherish it and make it the most enjoyable event ever!

Step 2) Color Scheme/ theme

Colour Schemes for a virtual baby shower can be anything your imagination can ponder. You can use blue, gold, white or Pink, Gold and white.

For example, this colour scheme is cute and refreshing. Nothing too intense, but enjoyable.

Baby Shower

or another one

Baby Shower

This theme uses silver, brown and white. It's a great colour combination, anyone can use.

You can also create special Halloween themes, so everyone has to pick a funny costume to wear, or you can also make everyone wear onesie of animals or custom funny onesies. It creates a warm and funny atmosphere.

Onesie suit


Making invitations can either be fun or boring, depending on the person. However, making 50-60 invitations my hand is really really boring. A better alternative could be digital invitations, which allow you to custom make your welcomes and thank you's.

For example, Paperless post makes amazing invitations that will leave you and your guest speechless.

Paperless post

Fully customize any part of the invitation and add amazing 3d effects to fit the theme or idea you want.


With everything being virtual, you can't really play pin the tail on the donkey but, theirs plenty of other games worth trying out to keep the party going.




20 questions

The game ideas are endless fun and you get to know more about your guest and vice versa. If you're not a fan of these game ideas, theirs always DIY games you can play, like bombing apples virtually.

If theirs only adults playing then I would suggest Cards Against Humanity. Totally worth trying out.

If you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends and family. Have an amazing 2021.

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