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Why you should consider hiring the Day of Coordinator

Day of Coordination

Have you ever found yourself simply exhausted from planning an event? To the point, where you didn't get to enjoy the moment or regretted even planning the event in the first place? Did it leave you feeling anxious and overwhelmed for future events?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I think you might need a day-of coordinator. I know what you're saying right now "What is a day of coordinator and what would I gain from using one" and maybe down the line where do I even find one?

These are all valid questions, that are going to be answered in this article. Today, you're going to learn

- What is a day-of coordinator?

- What events do they best fit in?

- What benefit do I gain from using one?


- Where can I hire one?

Let's get started

What is the day of coordinator?

A day of coordinator is a licensed event planner, that offers services to become the guide for an event for a day. They make sure the event goes as smoothly as possible, without any hiccups. Giving you reassurance and peace of mind knowing you have a professional, helping your dream idea or event come to fruition

What events do they best fit in?

A day of coordinator can fit into any event, you can possibly think off. Weddings, Children's birthday parties, Barmitphas, Baby showers, Corporate events and so much more. They're able to fit in seamlessly when they know what's going on.

It's extremely important to give as many details as possible when it comes to your event. These people do not read minds, they won't know if you prefer this section to start now or when to bring in the caterers unless you inform them.

No matter how big the event may be, they can do it.

What benefit do I gain from using one?

The benefits gained from using their services are most of the time felt immediately. In this sense, you can sit back and enjoy your event. Instead of running around like a chicken with no head. They provide 4 benefits to anyone using them :

  1. Making sure the day runs smoothly and effortlessly.

2. Allowing you to enjoy your moment

3. Helping with preparations and plans

4. Interact with vendors and helping with the setup

Where can I hire one?

Hiring a day-of coordinator has become a super simple process in the age of the internet, compared to looking for one in the back of a phone book or the newspaper. There are so many online services you can utilize like:

We provide day-of coordination services for all our clients, that require professional assistance in a pinch. Always on time and always resourceful for our clients and their future events.

Founded in 2004, Yelp is a popular online directory for discovering local businesses ranging from bars, restaurants, and cafes to hairdressers, event planners, wedding planners and so much more.

It takes into account your location and finds you the best company to help serve you.

Eventective is an event planning company, that allows you to easily find venues, wedding planners, event planners all in one space. They connect you with 1000's qualified professionals waiting to help get your event started.

In short, using a day-of coordinator is beneficial for anyone wanting to create an event, but needs the extra professional guidance. It can help save your next event from disaster and ruin.

Don't be ashamed of using one, everybody needs help from time to time. If you enjoyed this article, don't forget to share this article!

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