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Wedding  Planner in Montreal

This is your day, why not make it perfect!

When it comes to planning a wedding, it can be overwhelmingly difficult with all the decisions to make and information to sift through. Who’s going to be on the guest list? The music? The venue or the day of. Theirs so many moving parts that can crash your wedding.  


Why go through that stress, when you could have a qualitied, trustworthy and customer orientated event planner!


That’s where vintage luxe events Montreal steps in. Our carefully designed wedding package allow you decide exactly how involved you’d like us to be in your beautiful wedding planning, design process, and organization.


Here are some questions you might ask.


How much does a wedding planner cost?


I work with all types of budgets and guest list sizes and I am always happy to accommodate any special requests. I invite you to contact us for an free consultation so that we can learn more about your wedding and see how we can best assist you. Turning your dream wedding into a reality.


Can a wedding planner save you money?


Of course, we can, my goal is to make sure that your wedding doesn’t go over budget. You’d be surprised how easy it is to over budget. It’s usually the hidden cost like, flowers, decorations, food, and so much more. We’ve got you covered all the way.

Vintage Luxe Events Montreal

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