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5 budget-friendly activities in Summer 2021

Lake with friends

The sun is shining, the evenings are longer, birds are chirping and the sound of lawnmowers are revving again.

The grills are burning old fumes and the burgers and hotdogs are cooking in the air, and the laughs are spreading. Ahh, that's the sweet smell of summer falling on us.

As an event planner in Montreal, summer is the biggest year for birthdays, weddings, bachelor parties and so much more. Covid-19 has put a real damper on going out with friends and events at the moment.


That shouldn't stop you from having fun and enjoying yourself, with your friends and family this summer. Also, not breaking the bank in the process, because it's really too overspend when you're having the time of your life.

This is why I found you the best activities to do this summer without breaking the bank. Perfectly fitting into any schedule when you're free. If you enjoy this article don't forget to share it with your friends and family!

Let's get the ball rolling.


Happy Picnic

"Dinner and a movie, forget that I’d rather have a picnic and a waterfall" – Amanda Grace

I couldn't agree more with Amanda, picnics are simple, cost-effective and most of all calming. You can have picnics with your significant other, family or friends without having to break the bank. Just bring your favourite food, music, or books.

You might ask where would the best place to hold a picnic?

Well luckily for you I did my research. The best location for a picnic in Montreal is by far Mount-Royal Park. The scenery is amazing, the park is gigantic spanning around 692 acres of land.

The second place I recommend visiting is Lachine Canal. It's one of Montreal's most famous landmarks. It has an amazing canal, where you can watch the waves move slowly in the sunset. Totally worth checking out.


Camping with friends

Camping by far is one of the funniest things to do if you have the right friend group and the time. It helps you destress from the troubles of the outside world and puts you into a new realm of fun and excitement.

When it comes to camping it doesn't have to be with only friends. You can go with your family, significant other or by yourself. Laying down in your tent looking at all the beautiful stars at night and singing those good old campfire songs.

or if you enjoy a good adventure, then hiking would be an excellent idea, swimming and fishing are perfect activities to partake in.

Theirs 3 locations I recommend going to.

  1. Parc National Des Iles- De Boucherville, since it's the closest provincial park near downtown Montreal. You can access the park by ferry or public bus. It's affordable and great fun for the family and friends. The drive will take you around a 30 minute drive.

  2. Parc National d'Oka is west of Montreal and I would say would be a close second from Mont Tremblant in terms of the hicking experience it brings. It also has one of the best beaches near Montreal. Perfect for swimming to your heart's content. The drive will take around 1 hour from Montreal

  3. Mont- Orford is the third place I would recommend going camping. The scenery is out of this world during the summer sky and nightfall will leave you starstruck. Theirs 275 campsites available, from regular cabins to traditional cabins, all your camping needs are met. An added bonus is the two beaches it currently holds as well as the wildlife if you enjoy photography.

Before I sent you off camping.... don't forget the bug spray!

or mosquitos are going to pay you a little visit in your tent.

Backyard Movie Night

Backyard Movies

If you've never had a backyard movie night, then I am here to tell you; you've been missing out. The thrill of enjoying a good movie with friends or family outside, with the cool summer breeze is something you can't really explain.

You have to experience it yourself.

All you have to do to create such a cool event is by taking huge house sheets and hanging them on tread near a tree or wire you use to hold clothes. For the projector, you can find one on amazon for 75 dollars or up depending on high the quality you need. For the speakers, I got you guys covered. Amazon sells great outdoor speakers for 45$. Their loud, bass-heavy and waterproof.

All you need now are snacks, soda, a movie, blankets, and chairs. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!



You can go check out the awesome museums in Montréal. Most of the museums have affordable prices and sometimes they offer specials such as Sundays are free. One of my all-time favourite museums is the Barbie museum located in Place Mont-Royal which is in downtown Montreal.

This unique walk-in museum more of an expo type is located in a shopping center. There is no admission fee but they do take donations if you would like to donate, which the money goes to the make a wish foundation. This museum houses hundreds of different Barbie dolls and there are many nice backgrounds to take pictures that are insta worthy!


Another fun activity to do in the city of Montréal is to go and take a walk in the Old Port of Montreal. A beautiful summer day is the best time to go! You can get there by public transportation or you can drive there. The Old Port of Montreal offers many little restaurants and cafes so you can go take a quick bite to eat while enjoying the beautiful view. You can always enjoy a nice picnic by the water or enjoy a brunch at the terrace Bonsecours which is located in the heart of the old port.

If you enjoyed this blog don't forget to share it with your friends and family! See you again soon!!

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