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Creating any event takes a lot of time and effort, but not everybody has the time to spare. Plus, It can get pretty pricy when you add all the numbers. Instead of stressing over any event, allow me to turn your dream idea into a reality. As an event planning company , I want to leave you and your guest starstruck. Following what idea you have to a T or I can create an event for you from scratch. 


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Here's the deal 

You might be wondering: What other events can I do? 

Come and find out!

"What's so great about Vintage Luxe Events Montreal?" 


"Why does everyone keep talking about Vintage Luxe Events Montreal?"

  " What makes them so special?"

Baby Shower Planner

Gender Reveal Party

I can help you organize your baby shower for any theme you want to create. 

I can help create a baby shower after the baby is born

I can also do a baby shower for the second baby as well. Your bundle of joy deserves to be celebrated with friends and family. 

When it comes to gender reveal parties I've got you covered as well!

If you're curious about how to plan a virtual baby shower for 2021 and the future beyond. Check out our blog post

At Vintage Luxe Events, I take pride in making sure to create an amazing gender reveal party for the ages. Whether it be large or small I treat every party uniquely. Creating memories for your family and friends.


If your into beautifully huge gender reveal balloons, that pop with awesome confetti; I've got you covered for that as well.  Maybe you only want  gender reveal decorations? I can help accommodate everybody's needs. 

Let me help plan fun ways to reveal a baby gender that will leave you in  awe and amazement !

Soooo.. what are you waiting for? Lets get started.

  1. Never need to stress over an event again.


Allow me to guide your event, with professionalism and expertise. Event planning and design has always been my strong suit and I believe with my planning and coordinating, I can turn any event into a beautiful fun memory. Giving you the chance to sit back and relax and enjoy the show! 


    2. Cost-effective.

My goal is to make sure any and every event is cost-effective first and always. Most importantly, making sure you never going  over your budget. Event planning on a budget doesn't mean your event will be horrible, I treat every event equally. Giving you a full service event.

I take pride in making sure you're event becomes the talk of the town!


 If your worried about talking to vendors and venues, don't worry I've got you covered.  Always getting you the best price possible.


     3. Always on time.


Let me handle the planning and coordinating to make sure your event is never late again. I am always on time and ready to help you. Whether your event starts in the morning, midday, or evening I've got you covered; because I believe your time is important and we treat it that way. 

Don't stress over your next event, let me use my event planning experience to turn your dream into reality. Becoming the best Montreal event planner near you. 

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