Perfectly Planned

What we do.


Creating any event takes a lot of time and effort, but not everybody has the time to spare. Plus, It can get pretty pricy when you add all the numbers. Instead of stressing over any event, allow me to turn your dream idea into a reality. As an Event Coordinator, I want to leave you and your guest starstruck.


 Following what idea you have to a T or I can create an event for you from scratch. 



How you benefit


  1. Never need to stress over an event again.


Allow me to guide your event, with professionalism and expertise. Giving you the chance to sit back and relax.


    2. Cost effective.

Making any event cost-effective first and always. Never go over your budget.


Handling vendors and venues. Always getting you the best price possible.


     3. Always on time.


Never worry about a late event again, always on time and ready to help you.



What events we can do and more.


Children Parties: We can do Pirate parties, face paintings, Cinderella parties, and so much more.


Baby Showers: We help you organize your baby shower for any theme you want to create.


Small events:  Backyard parties, gender reveals and more.


Don't stress over your next event, let me use my event planning experience to turn your dream into reality. Becoming the best event planner near you.

Vintage Luxe Events Montreal

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